PYLONTECH US2000B Plus 48V 2.4KWh Lithium Battery


Pylontech US2000 48V  2.4kWh Lithium Battery

More than 6000 cycles at 90% discharge
Delivers up to 5Kw (1sec.) per module
Modular design to easily increase capacity

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PYLONTECH US2000B Plus 48V 2.4KWh Lithium Battery


The new Pylontech US2000B Plus 48V 2.4KWh Lithium Battery Series is a perfect solution for residential storage installations, with standard specification of 48V/50AH, up to 90% service capacity and a 4,5000 life guarantee.

With   the Pylontech US2000 48V  2.4kWh Lithium Battery you will enjoy an advanced Lithium-Ion Phosphate accumulator with which you will have a state-of-the-art Lithium battery at a very competitive price and with very attractive technical characteristics. Up to  40 units can be installed  in parallel via a hub for increased power build-up. Internal BMS monitoring distributes power between cells and modules, preventing them from overloading or over-unloading. Pylontech US2000B 48V 2.4kWh lithium batteries have a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty and 10 years if the product is registered.

The compact, 19′ standard rack-type 2.4kWh Pylontech US2000B Plus 48V Lithium Battery offers superior scalability by being able to place the lithium battery in a grouped manner, taking up less space and facilitating interconnection between modules. It incorporates multiple communication protocols that allow  the Pylontech lithium battery to communicate to share the charging parameters of the same and to operate properly.

Maintenance-free is a sealed module designed to be installed indoors, the Pylontech US2000 offers all its features without the need for any maintenance throughout its life. It is necessary to prevent the battery from working in very extreme environments of temperature and humidity to ensure the life of the battery. Excessive charging intensity or output power can cause the battery to spoil prematurely and in that case the warranty will not cover the fault.

The actual effective capacity of the 2.4kWh Pylontech US2000B Plus 48V Lithium Battery is about 2.2kWh since the discharge depth of lithium batteries is much higher than lead batteries. Since up to 40 units can be installed in parallel at the moment, the maximum capacity of a system consisting of Pylontech lithium batteries is currently more than 88kWh useful and almost 96kWh total theoretical.


  • The vertical integration of the industry guarantees more than 6000 cycles with 90% DoD
  • The compact and elegant design adapts to your home environment
  • Provides up to 5KW with a single 2.4KWh module
  • Modular design gives end customers the ability to choose capacity
  • Compatible with most hybrid inverters available.
  • Simple buckle fastening that minimizes installation time and cost


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